Why did you make another blog, tiff?

Because I no longer code on the frontend and am focusing on cybersecurity and IT, I wanted a space to write about learning low level languages like C, C++, Rust, and Go.

I wanted a speedy implementation of all the JavaScript static site frameworks out there and to rely less on Jekyll as my only solution. I could have gone with GitBook or Mkdocs but I wanted something with a smaller footprint.

What can I expect?

I will only post here occasionally. What that will be will be dependent on the things I am learning and building.

And that's also another reason I started this blog: I need a way to hold myself accountable. I aspire to build tools using the languages I learn. I've always half-assed the things I built, the scope too large, my experience not matching the attempts, and once I get part of the way there, there is some obstacle I feel doesn't warrant more time. I have hundreds of repos that are private that I've given up on.

The deal for me is this: start small. You don't have to build a compiler in WebAssembly to make something useful. Just build, baby.

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